StopBullying.gov provides information from various government agencies on how kids, teens, young adults, parents, educators and others in the community can prevent or stop bullying. The website contains useful videos and tips for prevention and responding to bullying, including great ways to engage children in conversation and warning signs for parents. Students can watch webisodes and play games to help them take a stand and learn more about ending bullying.


    Pbskids.org provides questions and answers dealing with the main issues of bullying: the who, what and how, including information on bystanders and cyber bullying. There is also a parent section that includes articles and videos exploring bullying behavior.




    The Vermont Health Care Careers website has a new look and updated information!



    Vsac.org is a public nonprofit agency that helps Vermonters who want to go to college or enter other training after high school. Their mission is to ensure that all Vermonters have the necessary financial and information resources to pursue their education goals beyond high school. This website includes career exploration tools, self-assessments and interest scales as well as resources for summer opportunities for Middle School students.


    Startwhereyouarevt.org is a program created and offered by the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) to provide Vermont middle school and high school students with interactive and engaging career planning resources. This website offers the opportunity for students to explore jobs and learn about career options. It is a great place for students to connect, share ideas, and inspire each other.



    The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Web site for kids provides introductory career information for students in Grades 4-8. Most of the material on the site has been adapted from the Bureau’s Occupational Outlook Handbook—a career guidance publication for adults and upper-level high school students that describes the job duties, working conditions, training requirements, earnings levels, and employment prospects of hundreds of occupations.






    Kidsaid.com is a safe place for kids to help each other deal with grief and loss. The website has options for students to deal with feelings in our e-mail support group, to share and view artwork and stories, and for parents and students to ask questions and find answers.



    Dougy.org provides support in a safe place where children, teens, young adults, and their families grieving a death can share their dougy-logo1experiences. The website provides recommendations for books and DVDs containing resources for parents, teachers, and others helping children in grief. It also provides recommendations for activity books for children grieving a death.


    Kidshealth.org is a safe, private place for teens who need honest, accurate information and advice about health, emotions, and life. This site provides information in language that students can understand and relate to, while providing honest and accurate education on grieving and loss.


    PTOPhelp.org is a searchable statewide directory of mental health practitioners that is both free and confidential. The website provides help with choosing a mental health practitioner as well as a list of practitioners and practices.


    The Vermont Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health exists to support families and children where a child or youth, age 0-22, is experiencing or at risk to experience emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges. The website provides resources for training and education as well as the information and support with a strong focus on emotional, behavioral and mental health.


    Nami.org provides support, information, education and advocacy for family members, friends, and individuals affected by mental illness. The website provides resources for local support groups, family education and involvement, and free workshops and classes.


    The Students FIRST Project is an online county wide collaboration of mental health resources for schools, families, mental health and other child serving systems working together to ensure that all Chittenden County children, youth, and their families have the social and emotional supports and services they need for healthy development and school success.





    NSTeens.org is a resource that empowers tweens (children ages 8 – 12) to make safer online choices through lessons taught in a series of animated videos highlighting the Internet-related adventures of a diverse cast of teenagers. The site also houses NetSmartz’s Real-Life Stories videos—a series of narratives from teens about real experiences of online victimization. These materials are suggested for youths ages 11-17.

    Vtisp.org is the website for Vermont’s Internet Safety Project sponsored by the Vermont Department of Education. It provides links for parents and students about cyberbullying, online privacy, and social networking.



    The U Matter website is a resource that can be used if you or someone you know might be suicidal. It contains great video examples, facts, and warning signs. The website has an extensive list of local and national links which can connect youth with the right resources for their specific concerns.



    Healthvermont.gov is a branch of the Vermont Health Department focusing on suicide prevention, services, information, and resources. The website contains links and phone numbers of agencies that should be contacted for suicide prevention.


    Save.org contains numerous suicide prevention resources and links. There is an abundance of information on prevention, grieving, and how to talk with children about suicide, as well as warning signs, suicide facts, and what to do with this information.


    The Maine Suicide Prevention website is designed to help you learn more about suicide prevention and how you can help. Whether you are a youth looking for help for a friend or yourself, a parent, a family member, co-worker or other interested person, this site will provide you with education, resources, and support.

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