Medical Insurance

  • EWSD provides medical insurance to eligible workers through the Blue Cross Blue Shield VEHI plans.  Below is a list of eligible employees:

    • Teachers (0.50 FTE or greater)
    • Full-time Support Staff (unless otherwise grand-parented)
    • Full-time Administrators, Directors and other Non-Union Professional Staff

    Please refer to your collective bargaining agreement or individual employment contract for more information.

    How to Enroll: Download the enrollment form below, and save it with modified information, before submitting it electronically or printed out, to Human Resources.

    How to download: "Download" icon is the one with the arrow pointing to a horizontal line: Download button   If you cannot find your form, check your computer's "Downloads" folder.

    Questions? Contact Human Resources at (802) 857-7048 or write Sandy Emery at

Medical Insurance Documents

Medical Insurance Forms