Long-Term Disability and AD&D Insurance

  • Eligibility 

    EWSD provides group insurance for long-term disability through Mutual of Omaha to the following employee groups. The District pays 100% of the premium for this coverage:

    • Full-time Non-Union Staff (Contract Level 1, 2, 3 and 4)
    • Teachers (0.80 FTE or greater)


    The coverage varies depending on employee group.  Please refer to the documents section of this page for a Certificate Summary that provides a one page outline of coverage, and for a Benefit Document that provides grater detail about the coverage terms, conditions and limitations.  Below is the summary of which employee groups are covered under each class of coverage:

    • Class 1 - Full-time Non-Union Staff (Contract Level 1, 2, 3 and 4)
    • Class 3 - Teachers (0.80 FTE or greater)

    How to Enroll

    Eligible employees must complete the enrollment form within 30 days from their date or hire/rehire (or date they first become eligible for coverage) to qualify.  Please follow the instructions found on the form, which involves supplying your health care provider's information and your tax information, and then complete and submit the form to Human Resources. Enrollment forms received after this date will take effect with the next open enrollment date and are subject to our carriers approval.  

    Open Enrollment

    Employees who do not enroll during the initial enrollment period described above can enroll during the next open enrollment period.  The open enrollment period is May 1 - May 31 for a July 1 effective date.  Coverage during open enrollment is subject to our carrier's approval.


    Please refer to your collective bargaining agreement or individual employment for more information.  You can also contact Human Resources at (802) 857-7048 or write Sandy Emery at semery@ewsd.org.

LTD Documents