• Bern House Founder
    Prima Ernst Uno Bern
    The founder of Bern House was well known, not because he had the gift of being a gravity twister, but because it was rumoured they he was born of the earth itself.  In other words, Prima was a "child of the earth' and this fact enabled him to be a gravity twister.  It is further told that when born, he held in his right hand the emerald eagle - a mythical creature believed to enhance many internal powers.   After a few years, he decided to move very near the San Andreas Fault in California, drawn as he always was to the core of the planet.  He knew that it was a rift that released small doses of the inner earth's power through this "tear."
    On one occasion, though, Prima forgot the connection to the planet and caused a 7.3 magnitude earthquake!  Prima was fine, though the eagle was smashed apart.  Only the portion that contained the right claw remained. This fact caused Prima to lose much of his powers, though the ability to interact and draw power from the rumbles inside the planet always remained.
    He went to Westford Hogwarts School of Math, Science and Social Studies to form Bern House.  Bern used his powers to capture the first-known Championship.  It was a part of his legend that the beast somehow formed the claw of the emerald eagle into a staff gave its wielder the powers of gravity twisting.
    Bern was often seen walking the nature trails of the school, especially the high, rocky outcroppings.  The importance of this is that he and his pet badger named Sandhurst are thought to have hidden the famous staff and claw under a large rocky hill on the trails.  Some believe that the claw has been seen shining on the evening when the school's haunted forest celebration takes place.  This, combined with his experience in California, have resulted in Bernese house members being known as "shakers" though sometimes their skill as engineers and the name "movers" is an alternate moniker.
    Bern House champions won the House Cup Challenge in 2012.  Their house colours are forest scarlet red, gold and black.  Their mascot is the bear (or bruin.)  Some of the characteristics of Bern House members are protective of others, persistent workers, able to work with a variety of learning styles, serious when necessary and an ability to manage emotions.