• Gryffin House Founder
    Dame Penelope Liburnum Gryffin
    This is the story of Gryffin House founder, Dame Penelope Liburnum Gryffin.  She lived a long life with her
    husband Albus Potter.
    As a bit of a lark, the two met at a pie-eating contest!  On an Atlantic Ocean cruise, they were peering over the starboard side of the ship when they saw a sparkling figure carrying a net filled with three baby orcas.  The two passengers could hear the calls of the trapped animals.  In fact, after a few seconds, they could distinctly hear human speech coming from the orcas.  The trio of animals were pleading for help.  (The figure carrying the orcas in the trapping net was, in fact a merman.)  He appeared to be trying to keep them quiet.  The water below was crystal clear.  The two saw the merman dive into a cave enclosure with his catch.  In dove Liburnum and her new friend.  
    Quickly, they swam to the cave and freed the orcas by cutting open the net and letting them free.  Before returning to the surface, Liburnum saw an emerald-coloured plant that seemed to have a small light coming from its centre.  The young woman snatched the plant from its stand and started back towards the surface.  
    Albus and Liburnum went on to marry.  They experimented with the illuminated plant and discovered that the smallest bit from the leaves would cure any disease!  Liburnum and Albus became exceptional herbalogists.  Their reputations prompted Westford Hogwarts School to appoint them to the post of instructors.  Liburnum used the power of the lighted plant to transfigure into an emerald dragon on one occasion as a means of driving off a pack of 20 marauding giants threatening the school.  Her heroism prompted the league of Wizards to present her with Greybeard's Golden flask, which is still on the grounds of the school inscribed with her name and a brief recounting of her skirmish with the giant men.  
    Unfortunately, the flask has a transformation spell on it and appears as a common book at the Westford School Library.  Just which book this might be is unknown, but generations of Westford Hogwarts students claim to hear a slight "ringing" in the library when one is alone there.  Perhaps someday the spell will end, and we will see where the flask has been hiding.
    Gryffin House finished 2nd in the House Cup Challenge in 2012.  Gryffin House colours are emerald green and gold. Its mascot is a gryphon, a mythical creature made from a lion and eagle. Some of the characteristics of Gryffin House members include enthusiasm for team games, willingness to try new things (even when feeling self-conscious), a belief in self, athletic, poetic.