• Tudour Founder
    Heloise Rasmussin-Tudour
    Helouise Rasmussin-Tudour was not born like anyone else in our world...perhaps even the universe!  This was a girl who had only been with her own "kind" for three years.  She was so smart, she knew things when born that even 9 and 10-year-olds are just begin to understand.  
    Amazingly, Heloise was actually born in our future in what we would call the year 3,333 AD.  This was on a planet in the central Milky Way Galaxy commonly referred to as Lesden.  As mentioned, her maturity and incredible IQ found her being sent to investigate a growing black hole that had appeared with its destructive nature pulling in anything within range of its event horizon.  Alas, Heloise and her spacecraft were swept into the black hole and only emerged years later on the other side of the galaxy. This was in a region little known to Lesdenian culture, but was, in fact very near to our earth.  
    As her ship had landed, a bright light struck had struck the planet with such force that it was felt by every inhabitant of the world. A pair of earth's researchers were dispatched to the source.  There, they found an orange-red light shining onto a massive field in Central Newfoundland. This area was populated by a flower type known as "Tudour-belles."  Smoke was rising from the earth where the light and planet intersected.  Wearing protective suits, the husband and wife team headed to the centre of the light.  They heard a cry emitting from inside its arc.  Something appeared to be further in!  The trio rushed to the place where the noise originated only to find a small baby crying.  Not wishing any government to use the child for research, the pair secretly returned her to their home where she was raised as their own.   
    The child was, of course, Heloise.  She was raised by the couple and grew up with a passion for science.  When she was only 15, she received a scholarship to Pennsylvania College in Strassurg.  There, she quickly earned and was awarded three bachelor's degrees, two masters degrees and a doctorate degree.  While there, Heloise was guided by a professor named Dumbledore.  Upon her graduation, Dumbledore presented Heloise with a blue quill that, if its point was touched to water, would give the true past, present or future for anyone whose name was spoken as the quill was dipped.  
    Heloise took this priceless gift and began her long and famous career at Westford Hogwarts School where she founded Tudour House.  On the occasion she would take out the blue quill (only once a year) and tell the past, present or future for any one house member (as they chose) she and the entire house student body came to be known as "The Quills."  
    Heloise Rasmussin-Tudour is thought to have left her quill hidden somewhere on the school grounds, but to this day, no one knows where or has found any indication as to where it resides.  It is said that for the quill to be found one needs to find a cobalt-blue ink stain in the shape of a quill.  Perhaps this will never be found.  Perhaps it is only wishful thinking on the part of the houses' members.
    Tudour House finished 4th in the House Challenge  Cup in 2012.  Its house colours are black and white with gold accent.  Members of Tudour House typically have the following characteristics:Tremendous team spirit, a sense of fair-play and fairness, love to write rather than draw, quiet losers and loud winners.