SkillTech: (HVACR) Tools and Applications - class

  • Copper Pipe with flux

    Tools and Applications provides students with the opportunity to become proficient in a variety of entry-level HVACR skills as related to tools, fasteners, tubing, copper, soldering and brazing. Students will participate in lab activities to reinforce the attainment of technical skills.

    The course is 36 hours in length and studnets will be expected to acheive the following:

    • List the physical, mental, communication, and technical skills needed to be successful in HVACR.
    • Understand customer service skills.
    • Select the proper hand tool for the job and demonstrate skill in its use.
    • Demonstrate proper use of taps and dies.
    • Identify and correctly use screw types and sizes, bolts, nuts, washers, various anchors, setscrews, blind rivets, and threaded rods.
    • Select and properly use tubing and pipe tools to bend, swage, flare, and join using various methods.
    • Select proper alloys and fluxes and safely perform soldering, brazing, and torch cutting processes.
    • Work with fractions and decimals, take various measurements, convert between Fahrenheit and Celsius scales, use percentages to calculate profit margin on parts, and rearrange formulas for proper problem solving.

    Students can use this course for college credit at Vermonrt Technical College as a part of a general technology associates degree. 

    The subjects will be presented through lectures, videos, demonstrations, and hands-on lab activities. The course is the first one in a sequence of four in the HVACR Training Program. Students can register on a space available basis with students enrolling in the entire program will be given preference.  


    Course schedule:

    September 4, 2018 through October 11, 2018.

    Day/Time:  Class meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30pm - 8:30pm.

    Cost of program: $800. Includes text, lab book, and supplies.   

    Registration Deadline: Registration due by August 17, 2018. 12 spaces available.

    Instructors:  TBD.

    Financial Aid: Press Here