SkillTech: HVACR Electricity/Motor Controls

  • This course builds on the information from Tools/Applications and Cooling/Refrigeration. It covers electrical principles, motors, electrical control devices and defrost cycles.

    After completing this course, the student will be able to: 

    • Describe the application of Ohm’s Law, properly use electrical test meters, identify open circuits and short circuits, determine proper wire size and conductors for various uses, and connect loads and switches in electrical circuits, and connect appropriate transformers and circuit protectors.
    • Describe the operation and application of induction motors, make proper wiring connections, and troubleshoot induction motor problems.
    • Use and troubleshoot solenoid valves, relay circuits, contactors, and across-the-line starters.
    • Read and use pictorial, schematic, and ladder diagrams.
    • Identify, install, adjust, and troubleshoot primary motor controls (thermostatic and pressure), safety controls, and pumpdown cycles.
    • Identify, install, and troubleshoot various domestic and commercial defrost timeclocks and related controls.
    • Emphasis on customer service.

    Day: Class meets for 5 weeks on Mondays and Thursdays from February 12, 2019 until March 14, 2019. 

    Time:   5:30 - 8:30pm

    Total Hours: 30

    Cost:   $550.00 (Includes text, work book and materals) 

    Instructor:   TBD





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