Visual Art workshop

Experiential Learning Opportunity (ELO)

  •  AVPA graduation requirement is 30 ELO points.  Each year we provide at least 11 points.  You get these points through a field trip and two workshops.  These ELO events are mandatory.  If you can not attend one of the provided ELOs, you will have to contact your adviser or academy leader before the event.  If your absence is approved then you will have to create a plan to make up the points on your own outside of school using the Pre-Approval ELO process or attending another strand workshop.  Excused absences could be extreme illness and/or hospitalization, unexcused absences would be work, doctors appointment, sports or conflicts with other classes.  If you cut an ELO, you will not be able to make up the points through the pre-approval process, you will have to make it up by attending another workshop that has an opening.

     Provided by AVPA each year (1 field trip and 2 masterclasses per strand)

    • Attended an AVPA Field Trip – 3 points
    • Attended and participated in a Masterclass Workshop – 4 points

     Pre-Approval ELO must have the pre-approval form submitted before the activity and then a 1 page written reflection after the activity to get points:

    • Attend & critique an outside performance – 1 point
    • Attend & critique an outside exhibit – 1 point
    • Attend outside of school workshops- (2-4 points depending on time/commitment)
    • Attend outside of school classes- (2-4 points depending on time/commitment)

     Pre-Approval Form

    Final write up for a Theater Performance, Music Performance, or a Art Exhibit

     Examples of ELO’s

    • Flynn Theater events
    • BCA workshops
    • Darkroom Gallery (in Essex)
    • Burlington Galleries
    • VT International film Festival
    • Freedom and unity TV youth competition
    • Davis Studio has workshops and classes
    • 50 hr Film
    • Volunteer for art events
    • Art Hop
    • Attend a performance at UVM
    • Rec Department has classes

     **At the end of each year you are expected to have completed at least 10 ELO Points.  If you are missing points your advisor and academy leader will have a conversation with you about whether or not you are going to continue stay in the academy.