• Shield of Norfolk  

    The Shield of Norfolk

    Sir Errol Tymes Norfolk was an early founder and financial supporter of Westford Hogwarts.  While the sword of Gryffindor is well known by students, fewer know the story of how Sir Norfolk's shield came to have as interesting a story.  Unlike the sword which became a horcrux for he-who-should-not be named, this story has a happy ending.

    It would seem that Sir Norfolk was in the right place at the right time.  As he journeyed across the fields of the rural Kingdom of Vermont, he stopped to take drink from a mountain stream.  There was a small waterfall at the foot of a steep rock outcropping.  As the knight approached to drink, he was aware of a bearded wizard walking through the very waterfall stream itself!  Needless to say, Sir Norfolk was amazed to see a man walk out of what appeared to be solid rock.  However, his amazement gave way quickly as he became aware of a rumbling sound coming from the top of the hill above the waterfall.

    Norfolk knew in an instant what he must do.  He immediately lunged forward, pulling the wizard to his knees.  Norfolk lifted his shield above both his and the wizard's heads just as a large rock came crashing down from above!  the rock would surely have done great harm to the man had it hit him.  Although the wizard believed he was being attacked and put an immobility spell on the knight, within second he had assessed the true nature of the knight's actions and quickly restored the man to full mobility.  So thankful was the wizard, he agreed to have this man take charge of one of the newly formed houses at Hogwarts School.  

    Norfolk was known by his students as a courageous, quiet and patient man who was always ready to listen student's troubles and joys.  Norfolk remained as housemaster for 40 years until, one day, he disappeared without a trace from the school grounds.  Though his fighting armour disappeared with him, his shield remained behind in the corner of his office.

    It is the same shield with which he had saved the headmaster wizard.  Many believe that Sir Norfolk had returned to the site where the two had met and somehow managed to walk through the waterfall into the land of Avalon beyond.  The knight has never been seen since, though the importance of his sword has become legend for students, who, to this day will rub their hand lightly against the bottom edge of the shield just before taking an O.W.L. in the hope that the good fortune that had saved their headmaster wizard, would reflect favourably on their own fortune.