Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco; Weapons; Assault/Fighting

  • e-pens EWSD is committed to maintaining a safe, positive learning environment free of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons and assault/fighting: Students are expected to avoid any action that may endanger themselves or others.

    Students and adults  are expected to attend school and school-related events free of the influence of drugs, tobacco, or alcohol.

    The use or possession of alcohol, drugs, and /or tobacco products is prohibited on school grounds, or during school activities (refer to “Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco listed under A below).

    Students must not carry or possess (openly or concealed) any type of weapon on school grounds or at a school activity (refer to “Weapons” listed under ‘B’ below). Students are expected to treat each other and staff with respect (refer to “Assault/fighting listed under C below).

    A. Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco

    • Definition
    • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program
    • Discipline Procedures for Alcohol, Drug Use and/or Possession
    • CTE Program Specific Drug Testing Procedures

    B. Weapons

    • Definitions
    • Consequences

    C. Assault/Fighting

    • Consequences