B. Weapons

  • EWSD will comply with federal and state laws in regarding the prohibition of weapons on campus, requiring school districts to provide for the possible long-term suspension of student who bring weapons to school.


    • “To school” means any setting under control and supervision of the school district, including school grounds, facilities, and vehicles used to transport students to/from school or school activities. Students are not permitted to carry or possess (openly or concealed) any type of weapon, or facsimile or replica of a weapon, on school grounds.
    • “Weapons” may include: any type of firearm, knife, brass knuckles, rifle, and any object which could be used to inflict serious injury.
    • Mace, pepper spray, or other personal defense items are not permitted on school property.
    • Weapons may not be left in any vehicle as well.

    No knives of any length are acceptable on school property. Technical program students will be provided with all appropriate tools. These tools shall remain in the lab, shop, or work-site, and are not to be brought to school, in the possession of a student during breaks, or carried home.


    Any student who brings a weapon to school may be brought by the superintendent to the School Board for a hearing. Any student who brings a firearm to school shall be brought by the Superintendent to the School Board for a long term suspension hearing. The Board may modify the long-term suspension on a case-by-case basis when it finds certain circumstances exist.  In addition, any student who brings a weapon to school shall be referred to a law enforcement agency.