Student Account Balances and Delinquency Practices

  • Federal mandates require the open disclosure of a school district’s practice of handing negative/delinquent student accounts as of 7/1/2017. Visit EWSD Board Policies for more information on the School Meal Charge procedure.

    Parents / guardians are provided management tools on MySchoolBucks by the child nutrition program. For frequently asked questions about the lunch payment program, visit our FAQs page.

    Parents can manage student(s) debit accounts for:

    • Ease of payment with flexible payment methods
    • Debit/credit card payments. Fee from service provider is currently 4% of transaction.
    • ACH checking account transfers. Fee from service provider is $2.00 per transaction.
    • Cash sent in to building cafeteria coordinator or cashier at meal time.
    • Check (please write name of student(s) in memo space) no fee. If checks are returned for insufficient funds parent/guardian will be responsible for any bank fees.
    • Low Account E Mail notifications. Parent/guardian may set a customized level at which to receive an e mail low account notification.
    • Current account information to include student fund balance, series of transactions to include purchased item and time. Account works very much like a bank checking account with a running debit balance.

Delinquent Account Procedures