Flexible Pathways Credit Options

  • Students have the opportunity to design an alternative program which suits their learning needs in order to meet graduation requirements. These alternative options can provide students with learning opportunities which may not be available at EHS or may not fit into the student’s school day. These learning options must be connected to goals within the student’s personalized learning plan (PLP).

    Course Z977 .5 Elective credit Grades 9-12

    This course provides students with the opportunity to personalize their educational experience by engaging in a self-designed project. This process encourages students to learn about themselves and strengthen their organizational and communication skills by exploring a question, idea, or dream. It builds on student interests and is designed to connect students to their educational journey. Assessment will be on the demonstration of the EHS transferable skills: communication, collaboration, creativity, innovation, inquiry, problem solving, and the use of technology. Students will participate in a Discovery advisory.

    Career and Technical Education

    The Center for Technology - Essex (CTE - ewsd.org/cte) and Burlington Technical Center (BTC - burlingtontech.info) provide opportunities for EHS students to access rigorous technical training. Although some similar courses are available at both centers, each center has its own unique delivery model. Students can visit programs at each center to decide which one best meets their educational goals and interests. CTE and EHS are co-located on the same campus. For more information about pursuing technical education opportunities, students can see course lists for each program on their websites and meet with their EHS School Counselor.

    Independent Programs
    Students interested in receiving high school credit for an independent program must meet with their School Counselor to get approval BEFORE starting the course.

    Community Service and Work Experience
    Students can earn .5 credit for 60 hours of community service or work experience for a maximum of 2 credits. Students must provide a documented description of the community service or work experience activity with signatures from on-site supervisors. Work experience students must also submit copies of official pay stubs listing the employer’s tax identification number. Students will receive a Pass/Fail grade.

    Independent Study
    EHS students have the ability to work with an interested EHS faculty advisor to pursue an Independent Study. All standards and proficiencies adopted by the Vermont Agency of Education must be addressed appropriately in the proposed learning opportunity. A student interested in an independent study option must meet with a teacher or teacher leader in the appropriate content area to discuss a proposal and complete independent study paperwork. Students interested in receiving credit for an independent study must meet with their school counselor for assistance with the approval process BEFORE starting the independent study.
    Prior to approval, the form requires signatures from the student, parent, teacher or Curriculum Content Leader, School Counselor, and an EHS Principal.

    College Courses
    Students interested in receiving high school credit for an independent program must meet with their School Counselor to get approval BEFORE starting the course.

    Dual Enrollment
    Vermont’s Flexible Pathways Act (Act 77) gives high school students who are Vermont state residents the opportunity to use two college course vouchers during their 11th or 12th grade years in high school. Students can apply for a voucher for the college semester they wish to enroll in a dual enrollment course.

    The voucher covers the cost of tuition for a course of up to four credits at any participating Vermont college. The voucher DOES NOT cover the cost of materials, textbooks, transportation, and in some cases a college’s enrollment fees. Students taking two UVM courses in the same fall or spring term are considered part-time students and will need to pay the $600 UVM part-time tuition.

    EHS is required to include all Dual Enrollment courses on the EHS transcript, with .5 EHS credit for each 3- or 4-credit college course, graded as a Pass (P) or Fail (F).

    Dual enrollment courses can provide both high school and college credit when successfully completed. Interested students should meet with their School Counselor and visit www.vtdualenrollment.org for more information.

    Early College
    Early College is a full-year alternative to the 12th grade year of high school. Students take courses in college, completing their 12th grade year of high school and their first year of college simultaneously, tuition-free.

    For more information please contact your School Counselor and go to education.vermont.gov/student-learning/flexible-pathways/early-college. You can find information about one example of a science and technology-focused Early College program at vtc.edu/academics/vermont-academy-science-technology-vast.