• Units of Study:

    Grade 6: In sixth grade, students review the elements and principles of design as well as basic color theory through the exploration of many mediums. One point perspective is taught and many cultural connections are made through learning about history and styles of various art forms. Students will have the opportunity to work in both two and three dimensions.

    Grade 7: In seventh grade, students will work towards a more thorough investigation and understanding of various mediums. Students will use the elements and principles of design with more purpose. Color theory will also become more of a focus. Students are encouraged to problem solve and think more critically about their work. Two point perspective is introduced and diverse styles and genres of art continue to be explored through different projects. In seventh grade we also explore a more choice based/studio centered approach for half of the year. This approach focuses on the “habits of mind” for artists while encouraging students to think more independently about their work and taking more ownership in the planning and design of their work.

    Grade 8: In eighth grade, students are encouraged to take more risks with finding their voice within their art. Many mediums are explored at one time to create greater depth within their work. Students collaborate in groups to design and build installation art using different tools and mediums. History of art and styles continue to be explored on a more contemporary level and color theory application becomes more advanced. The studio centered approach is also explored and practiced at a deeper level.