(7th Grade) 


    In this course we move from the very small to the very large!  We begin by examining the microscopic components of life and the functions of the cell.   Then we move outward, examining organ systems and the human body machine. After examining genetics we will look at larger population dynamics.  From there we leap into outer space and look at the role gravity plays in the cosmos. We continue our explorations with kinetic energy, waves and the electromagnetic spectrum.  Embedded in all that we do is an examination of the scientific method.


    microscope                     DNA                   Saturn

    Units of Study:

    Life Science: Cell theory, Organ Systems, Adaptations, Genetic and Environmental Factors, Genetics, Surival of Species, Artifical Selction and GMOs

    Earth and Space Sciences: Scale of the Solar System, Galaxies, Gravity 

    Physical Science: Kinetic Energy, mass and speed, Elecctic and Magnetic Forces, Wave Energy, Properties, and Behaviors 



    Types of Learning:

    Students will learn by doing labs, conducting research, creating presentations, and building models, creating projects, writing essays, making posters, and much more!

    beakers  paints  binder and colored pencils  protractor and ruler


    ***Students will show their understanding through both formative and summative assessments.***