EWSD Expectations for Volunteers, Contractors and Employees of Contractors

  • All volunteers, contractors and employees of contractors shall abide by federal and state law and regulations, EWSD policy, procedure, operating practices and other school rules while on district property.  Board adopted policies can be found on the EWSD Board Policies page.  

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     Below is a summary of some of these key provisions for your reference. All policies, rules and expectations that apply to school district employees also apply to volunteers, contractors and employees of contractors:

  • Facilities

    Volunteers, contractors, employees of contractors and other visitors must use designated adult bathrooms while on school property (when available). When available during large construction projects, portable toilets shall be used by employees of contractors assigned to the construction project.

    Sign In

    In order to keep track of individuals’ whereabouts in the school building in the event of an emergency, during school hours all volunteers, contractors and employees of contractors are require to sign-in upon entering the school building, and sign out upon leaving. Visitor sign-in sheets are located and maintained at the school’s main office. Upon sign-in, individuals will be issued a visitor ID badge, which must be worn at all times while in the building.

    Child Abuse/Neglect

    Under Vermont law, any school employee, contractor or employee of a contractor working within our schools who reasonably suspects that a child has been abused, neglected or exploited shall make a report to the Department of Children and Families (DCF) Family Services Division (FSD) within 24 hours. This report can be made by calling 1-800-649-5285. You should also report this information to the school principal and/or school counselor.

    If you are serving as a volunteer, you should speak directly to the classroom teacher, principal, or designee in his/her absence. You should not speak with anyone else about the incident other than those named herein. The child and the family have a right to confidentiality and privacy as well as protection. Under no circumstance should you attempt to counsel the student or investigate further.


    No smoking is permitted in any school building or on school grounds at any time. The using, dispensing or transferring possession of tobacco products while on school property or at any school-sponsored activity is strictly prohibited. Any observed student violation should be reported to the principal or classroom teacher at once.

    Alcohol and Other Drugs

    The EWSD is committed to a zero tolerance of alcohol, illegal drugs and other controlled substances on school property or at any school-sponsored activity (e.g. field trips, sporting events, work internships, dances, etc.). Being under the influence of, using, or possessing drugs not prescribed for the individual’s use while performing duties for the district or while on school property or at any school-sponsored activity is strictly prohibited. Dispensing or transferring possession of controlled substances while on school property or at any school-sponsored activity is also prohibited.

    Any observed student violation should be reported to the principal or classroom teacher at once. If you observe any student who appears to have a substance abuse problem, or if a concerned informant or friend alerts you, you should refer the situation to the building principal or classroom teacher. While it is human nature to try to help and express your concern, just as in child abuse/neglect situations, trained professionals must be the ones to deal with the situation.

    Weapons and/or Fireworks

    In conformance with federal and state law, possession and/or use of firearms, fireworks, or other weapon on school property or at school sponsored events are strictly prohibited. Any observed violation should be reported to the principal immediately. It is also a violation of EWSD policy for any person to make, issue, or communicate by any means, a threat that a weapon has been, or will be placed or used on school property. Encouraging or aiding any employee or student to possess, handle, or transmit any weapon is also prohibited.

    Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination

    It is the policy of EWSD to maintain a learning and working environment that is free from unlawful harassment and discrimination. EWSD districts prohibit any form of unlawful harassment and discrimination on the basis of disability, marital status, national origin, color, race, religion, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, genetic information, or any other protected class as defined and required by federal and/or state law.

    Unlawful harassment includes verbal or physical conduct which has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with a person’s performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment. Sexual harassment is a form of unlawful harassment, which consists of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct or communication of a sexual nature.

    You should report any instance of harassment or violence to the principal who will see that it is investigated according to EWSD policy.

    Political Freedom

    The district shall in no way infringe upon individuals’ rights and freedoms of political involvement. However, contractors and employees of contractors of the district must not misuse their position in the school to influence the academic process in the interest of their own political ambitions or those of a political group.

    Volunteers, contractors, employees of contractors and other citizens of the district will not engage in political activity on school premises during school hours.

    Corporal Punishment

    Physical force is not an acceptable means of correction and is against EWSD policy. Physical restraint is authorized only when needed to protect the safety of the individual students and/or other students and employees.


    Information about students is confidential. You should limit discussing any student by name to others in the school with a “need to know” such as classroom teacher, principal, nurse, special educator or guidance counselor.

    Confidentiality includes all students, regular and special education. If you know many students and their families, you risk slipping from “contractor”/“volunteer” to “neighbor” role without realizing it.

    Your rule of thumb should be “Never discuss specifics of your school district work outside of school.” If you have a concern about any aspect of the school program, you should take it up directly with the school principal.

    Communicable Disease

    EWSD is committed to providing a safe environment for all employees and students. EWSD also recognizes and respects an individual’s right to confidentiality. If you are diagnosed with a contagious illness or disease that may jeopardize the safety of our students and staff (or put them at risk of exposure), please notify the principal in a timely manner so that the district can implement the necessary safety precautions if deemed appropriate. Your identity shall be kept strictly confidential except as required by Department of Public Health regulations or as necessary to implement district procedures.

    Handling Bodily Fluids

    When possible, direct skin contact with body fluids should be avoided. Disposable gloves are available and should be used when direct hand contact is anticipated. Dispose of used gloves in a plastic bag or lined trashcan. Wash hands thoroughly after any contact with bodily fluids and before contact with others. If blood or other potentially infectious materials have contact with broken skin, mucous membrane or by a bite or needle stick, wash or irrigate the area immediately and report to the school nurse. You will be asked to fill out an Exposure Incident Form and will be advised to seek immediate medical attention.

    Cooperation with Staff

    When providing direct services to students, volunteers, contractors and employees of contractors are responsible for working cooperatively with the cooperating teacher/coach/other staff member in carrying out the teacher’s classroom plan/coaching strategies/district curriculum/etc.

    Volunteers, contractors and employees of contractors are expected to discuss with teachers/coaches/other staff members at an appropriate time, away from student questions, about the teacher’s/coach’s/other staff member’s instructional approach. The volunteer is responsible for ensuring prior coordination with the principal, classroom teacher, or other appropriate school staff member regarding their volunteer schedule and assignment.

    Professional Relationships and Communication

    Volunteers, contractors and employees of contractors are expected to maintain just and courteous professional relationships with students, parents, staff members, board members and other internal and external constituents of the district.

    Safe and Respectful Environment: Volunteers, contractors and employees of contractors are expected to place the safety and wellbeing of students as the first concern of the school system, demonstrate and encourage the highest standard of conduct among students, and strive to create an environment where hazing, harassment, and bullying are deemed unacceptable behavior.

    Emergency and Fire Drills

    Be familiar with drill instructions, which are posted near each classroom door. The fire signal is a continuous loud tone. The recall to reenter the building is one ring from the regular bell system. During fire drills, stay with your classroom teacher’s group (or the group for whom you signed in to work with) for attendance purposes. Volunteers, contractors and employees of contractors are expected to cooperate as directed in emergency-based situations.

    Contact with Students

    No volunteer, contractor or employee of a contractor shall have unsupervised contact with school children unless specifically authorized to do so by the Principal/Director or his/her designee. When specifically authorized to do so, contact with students should be public (never behind closed doors) and in authorized areas only.

    Fund Raising and Solicitation

    No organization, volunteer, contractor or employee of a contractor may solicit funds of school district employees and students within the schools, nor may anyone distribute flyers or other materials related to external fund drives through the schools, without the approval of the Principal.

    Technology Acceptable Use

    In the event that the school district provides an individual access to internet and other technologies, the board expects those individuals to only use these technologies for educational or school district related purposes. Individuals may not use district-provided technologies for product endorsement, political lobbying, or private business or enterprise purposes.

    Transmission of any material in violation of any federal or VT state statute or regulation is prohibited (e.g. copyrighted material, threatening of obscene material, or material protected by trade secret, etc.).

    In addition, in order to ensure a smooth operation of the network, employees must adhere to the acceptable use standards and rules of conduct related to the efficient, ethical and legal uses of the network and other technology resources.