Middle School Course Description

  • Course Description:

    Students in 6th grade will have language classes every other day. Students will spend one semester in French and one semester in Spanish. In these classes, we will explore basic conversation and cultures where the language is spoken. 

    Units of Study:

    By the end of their semester study of the language, students will have explored the following concepts through conversational classroom activities:  numbers, the alphabet, weather, colors, time, classroom objects, clothing, sports, and activities.

    Types of Learning:

    Students will show their understanding through interactive activities, games, and in-class assignments.

    How to get extra help:

    Students can connect with Madame Tupaj before or after school, or during learning block.

    Classroom Expectations:

    • Classroom expectations include respectful behavior, kindness, punctuality, and a willingness to participate in French and Spanish.
    • Homework is not assigned in 6th grade World Language classes.