Ms. Eldridge Social Studies Course Description

  • A globe on a golden stand Teacher: Amanda Eldridge

    Subject Area: Social Studies

    Grade: 7/8

    Teacher Bio:    

    Hi! I'm so happy to be sharing this school year with you!

    I live in Essex and have been here for most of my adult life. I've been at ADL since 2001 and have been both a teacher and a coach in the district since I was an undergrad at UVM. I've traveled the world (literally!) and LOVE having adventures and experiences that change my perspective. 

    I love my job, my students and the community I call home. I feel very fortunate to be a part of ADL and look forward to working with you!!

    Course Description:

    In 7th grade we will examine world civilizations by exploring their histories and cultures. Our special focus will be on the movement of people and ideas, the connections between and among cultures and religions, and the lasting contributions of these civilizations to the world.

    In 8th grade we will examine the development of the United States through the early colonies to the causes of the Civil War. We will explore the economic, historic and civic themes of our nation by understanding periods of change and continuity.   

    The critical areas that 7th grade focuses on to explore the Ancient and Medieval World are:

    • Ancient River Civilizations
    • Mediterranean Basin Civilizations
    • Medieval Trading Empires of Africa and Asia
    • Europe to the Renaissance 


    The critical areas that 8th grade focuses on to explore early US History are:

    • Pre-Revolutionary America
    • Revolution and Formation of a New Government
    • Expansion and Innovation
    • Unity and Division


    Types of Learning:

    Students will show their understanding through classwork performance tasks, assessments and inquiry-based research projects.  

    How to get extra help:

    Feel free to email me at to arrange a time for us to meet.  I can be availble before school, after school, and during our Core Team meeting time.