• Course Description: 6th Grade Science

    In this class we will explore:

    Life Science through

    • Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis
    • Energy transfer within an ecosystem and ecosystem interdependence

    Earth Science through

    • The relationship between the Sun, Earth, and Moon
    • Gravity and scale in the solar system
    • Climate, weather, and natural hazards

    Physical Science through

    • Newton’s three laws of motion and relating forces
    • States of matter and atomic structure

    Our curriculum is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, which focus on scientific practices and cross-cutting concepts in addition to specific science content knowledge.

    Types of Learning:

    Students will be able to;

    • Create a model to explain, modify or test a scientific concept.
    • Construct an explanation or argument to clarify or demonstrate knowledge of a scientific theory or concept.
    • Use observations to describe patterns that can be predicted.
    • Analyze and interpret data.


    How to get extra help:

    6th grade students have a learning block known as "core support" every day which is designed for additional smaller-group practice in specific subject areas. We are also available most days before or after school as needed and can always be reached via email or Google Classroom for questions.


    Homework is issued as needed depending on the progression of the unit.  All homework is used for project completion or is designed as practice of skills that have already been covered in class. It is not expected that new learning will be gained through homework, only practicing and application of skills already learned.