(8th Grade) 

    In this course, we begin the year looking at plate technonics and the rock cycle.  Continuing to examine the past and looking to the future, we examine the process and evidence for evolution and natural selection. Next, we move into population ecology and maintaining biodiversity and the human impact on the natural world in the context of conpsumption impacts, climate change, and population dynamics.  We end our year examining the chemisty behind many of these phenomenon taking a closer look at chemical reactions and energy transfers. 

    Units of Study: 

    Earth and Space Sciences: Plate Techtonics, Fossil record and Rock Strata, Human Impact of the Environment, climate change, and population and comsumption impacts

    Life Sciences: Anatomical and embryological evidence for evolution, natural selection, population ecology, biodiversity  and ecosystem 

    Physical Science: Chemical reactions, synthetic materials, and thermal change and conservation of mass


    spinning world     forest  birds

     Types of Learning:

    Students will learn by doing labs, conducting research, creating presentations, and building models, creating projects, writing essays, making posters, and much more!

    beakers  paints  binder and colored pencils  protractor and ruler