Zones of Regulation

  • Zones of Regulation is a visual tool - based on the color spectrum - that helps children identify and self-regulate around, different emotional states. If you hear the term "I'm feeling Red," that's your child using the tool to help themselves, and you, better figure out what they can do to manage their reaction around a situation.

    Here's a basic outline of the Zones of Regulation. If you have any visual impairment and/or need assistance accessing this information, contact Ashley Cate or write to the

What are the Zones?


    Zones of Regulation

    What it Looks Like

    Color Aligned

    Examples of Our Feelings or Actions

    Happy girl outside Green
    • Calm
    • Feeling OK
    • Focused
    • Happy
    • Ready to Learn
    Child huddled in a room


    • Sad
    • Tired
    • Moving slow
    • Sick
    • Bored
    • Exhausted
    screaming Yellow
    • Excited
    • Silly 
    • Hyper
    • Some Loss of Control
    • Worried
    • Anxious
    • Frustrated 
    Girl Screming by Flickr_AngelinaKoh Red
    • Mad
    • Angry
    • Hitting 
    • Kicking
    • Furious
    • Out of Control
    • Yelling 

    *NOTE: This chart of the Zones of Regulation is intended to be fully accessible, and as such does not rely predominantly on visual depictions of the color.*