What is Kelso's Choice?

  • Kelso's Choice is a conflict-management system that ties into Summit's school-wide efforts to support positive behavior and provide consistency and structure around it. Kelso is a frog; a frog who helps students make positive choices around small problems.

    Children are encouraged to pick one or two of nine "choices" when confronted with what is called a "small problem." 

    Visit the program's website to find resources for parents around using Kelso's Choice at school and at home.

  • Small Problems

    • Can be solved on your own

    Tends to cause "small" feelings like: 

    • annoyance
    • embarrassment
    • boredom
    • frustration
    • etc.
  • Big Problems

    • Must always be taken to an adult

    Consist of situations or "big" feelings that are:

    • scary
    • dangerous
    • illegal
    • sets off alarms
  • The Choices: Good for Solving Small Problems

    Kelso's Choice Wheel is a visual tool that helps kids pick options for dealing with minor frustrations. The teachers and caregivers are to redirect when a child wishes to involve an adult in "small problems" - you can do this by offering the child to try one or two of these options before returning to attempt to involve an adult. 

    • Go to another game
    • Talk it out
    • Share and take turns
    • Ignore it
    • Walk away
    • Tell them to stop
    • Apologize
    • Make a deal
    • Wait and cool off
Kelso's Choice Wheel - K-5