Expected Behavior in the Classroom



    Be Safe - Be in control of your body


    Be Kind - Use respectful tones and words


    Be Responsible - Be self-aware



When Unexpected Behavior Occurs...

  • 1. Reminder - My teacher will give me a reminder of what the expected behavior is.

    I will make the choice to follow directions so we may continue to learn. 

    2. Reset - When a reminder doesn't work, my teacher will ask me to go reset.

    At reset, I will get myself back in the green zone and display expected behaviors.

    3. Buddy Teacher - When a reminder and a chance to reset doesn't help me get back in the green zone, my teacher will ask me to go to buddy teacher.

    At buddy teacher, I will think about the choices I made and figure out how to get back in the green zone so I can continue to learn.

    These steps will help everyone in my class learn.

Classroom Behavior Guidelines
  • Reminder




    Buddy Teacher