Mr. Barber, Mr. Peckham, Ms. Stebbins

    September 2021

    Welcome to a new school year and ADL Physical Education Class!  Please review these PE expectations as many have changed over the last couple of years.  PE will likely look and feel very different for our returning 7th/8th graders compared to last year due to last year's covid-19 policies .

    Our philosophy: 

    Our physical education philosophy is one that begins with a foundation of Responsibility and Respect.   It’s our goal as physical education teachers to help every student become as active as possible while also helping them understand the importance of fair play, sportsmanship, cooperation, and teamwork.

    Grading will be based on the following standards for Physical Education:

    Physical Fitness Concepts: 

    Students will be evaluated on their current level of fitness during each trimester this year.  For this standard we will use The Fitness Gram assessment curriculum to measure students’ level of fitness in a variety of areas.  The assessments will include Curl ups (Muscular Strength/Endurance), Pushups (Muscular Strength/Endurance), Sit and Reach (Flexibility), and the Mile Run (Aerobic Capacity).

    To achieve a “3” or to be “Secure” in fitness, students must make it into the “Healthy Fitness Zone” (as determined by the Fitness Gram Curriculum) for ALL FOUR fitness tests.  Healthy Fitness Zone requirements are posted in the gym and on the school website for students and parents to see. The fitnessgram program is now state mandated for ALL 7th grade students. All students in grades 6-8 will participate in the program, but only 7th grade students data will be submitted to the state.

    Motor Skill Concepts: 

    Students will be evaluated on a standards based rubric for the following motor skills: Throwing, Catching, and Striking both stationary and moving objects. Rubrics for our motor learning standard will be displayed for students at the start of each unit.

    Movement Concepts: 

    Students will be evaluated on their knowledge of positioning and use of speeds during a variety of physical activities.  Rubrics for our motor concepts standard will be displayed for students at the start of each unit.

    ADL Social Emotional Learning Standards

    These standards have replaced the ADL Habits of Learning Standards.  Students will be graded on these throughout the school year using a 1-4 point scale.  


    Students will work towards being able to label feelings and understanding how they impact behavior. Students will work towards being able to recognize their own emotions, thoughts and values. Students will work towards understanding how their emotions impact their behavior.



    Students will work on being able to set and work towards personal and academic goals.  Students will work towards being able to manage impulse control and stress. Students will work towards successfully regulating their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.


    Social Awareness

    Students will work towards being able to have empathy and perspective for people’s ideas, values and experiences that are different from their own.


    Relationship Skills

    Students will work towards being able to work collaboratively in teamwork situations.  They will work towards acquiring positive and productive relationship skills and communication for social engagement.


    Responsible-Decision Making

    Students will work towards being able to participate in activities safely.  Students will work towards developing ethical behaviors that help them solve problems in social situations.


    **It is important for students to realize that the PE teachers do not expect all students to start out in the securing/exceeding standards. We are looking for growth and improvement in each of the standards, and that comes with a lot of hard work and perseverance. 


    Clothes For PE Class 

    STUDENTS MUST CHANGE BOTH THEIR SHIRT AND THEIR SHORTS/PANTS FOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS.  If a student wears shorts and a t-shirt to school they still must change for physical education class!

    The following clothes are NOT OK for PE Class:

    Crocks, Sandals, Boots or Slip on shoes.

    PE clothes must fall in line with the school dress code outlined in the school handbook.

    Excused from class?  

    We do understand that sometimes students don’t feel well or have an injury that may prevent them from participating in PE.  If a student has a long term injury, such as a broken arm, the nurse should be notified and a note from the doctor should be given to her.  The note should include when the student may start to participate again.  If a student has a short term sickness, and you would like them to sit out of PE for a day or two, then a note from you, the parent, to one of the teachers would be fine.  We would strongly urge you to only use this in instances when your child really does not feel well enough to participate.  Most parents are good about this, but sometimes we as teachers see a trend of a lot of notes during sport/activities that are un- popular with a certain groups of students.  To get everything out of the ADL PE experience all students should participate in all activities when possible.  Thanks ahead of time for your cooperation.

    So you got caught eh? Detentions, behavior, etc.

    As stated before, our classroom environment is built on a foundation of Responsibility and Respect.  If students act with these two qualities in mind then they should never have a problem. If a student does violate one of the class rules than a detention will be given.  Here are some examples or reasons we would give a detention-

    1)      Is late or unprepared for class.   If this becomes a daily issue students will be held for detention and their grade will be effected. 

    2)    Put downs, swearing, taunting or intimidation of any kind will not be tolerated.

    3)    Lack of effort.

    4)    Miss-behavior

    ***The majority of detentions will be served during lunch.  Some detentions may have to be served after school or during other ‘free times’ during the school day.



    We feel that it is important that we have a good working relationship with our student’s parents.  Communication is a must. Please feel free to call us or contact us through email.

    Contact Information-

    Phone 878-1388




    Thanks for your time!   It should be a great year!