SkillTech: Understanding Opiate Addiction

  • In response to the impact of the opiate crisis on families and communities across Vermont, the Center for Technology, Essex seeks to offer a proactive course on the topic that supports and empowers people to make a difference.  Understanding Opiate Addiction is this course.

    The CTE has broad outreach in Vermont, with seventeen technical centers that offer Adult Education courses throughout the state, and a reach to every corner of Vermont.  

    Partnering with the Department of Health, which has a great deal of knowledge concerning the opiate crisis, we jointly developed this course.

    By the end of this workshop series you will have:

    1. recognized how the opioid crisis evolved; what it looks like now, and its effect on you and your community.
    2. illustrated and analyzed the stages of use and addiction.
    3. identified key signs and symptoms of opioid use and what to look for.
    4. observed how opioid addiction impacts individuals and families.
    5. generated examples of what we can do, both as a community and as individuals, to help address the issue of opioid addiction.
    6. assessed the next steps beyond this series.

    This three-class workshop series is recommended for anyone who wants to learn more about the opiate crisis and how to make a difference in their community – parents, grandparents, educators, healthcare professionals, social workers, people in recovery and anyone who has felt sad, scared, or frustrated by the use of opiates in our communities.  The series is participatory in nature - in addition to learning new information, you will be invited to share your ideas and experiences and listen to those of your classmates.  

    We look forward to the journey of this workshop series with you!


    Day/Time:   January 29, February 5 and 12 at 6pm - 8:15pm (Light dinner at 5:30pm)  

    Cost:   $30. 

    Instructor:  Ann Marie Barton-Sullivan, RN

    Location:   Colonial Room, Center for Technology, Essex at 2 Educational Drive, Essex Junction, Vermont 05452