District Information for Act 166 Partner Programs

  • For questions regarding partnership agreements, invoicing and payment, and student start/exit dates, please contact:

    Johanna Simmons, Student Support Services Specialist
    Essex Westford School District
    (802) 857-2005


EWSD Attendance Procedure

EWSD Registration

  • The Essex Westford School District requires a complete Act 166 registration packet for each child prior to distributing funding. We have a one-time student registration; we do not require families to re-register for a second year of Act 166 funding.

    EWSD Act 166 registration is open and ongoing. We post the registration forms for the upcoming school year in January of each year. Please feel free to direct interested families to our Act 166 Registration page or encourage them to call us at (802) 857-2005. EWSD does not have a registration deadline; we encourage new enrollees to submit paperwork prior to September 1st in order to receive the full funding for the school year.

    Children must be at least 3 years old on September 1st in order to receive Act 166 funding during that school year. They must be residents of the Village of Essex Junction, the Town of Essex, or Westford. If a family is unsure whether or not they are part of the Essex Westford School District, please have them give us a call at (802) 857-2005.

    EWSD pro-rates funding based on a September 1st start date. We look at the dual enrollment of the child in the prequalified pre-K program and the school district. For questions regarding student start or end dates and/or the pro-rating process, please contact Johanna at jsimmons@ewsd.org.

    Need more answers? 

    For additional information about Act 166, please visit our Act 166 FAQs page. We explain more about registration, switching pre-K providers, renewal questions, moving towns, and eligibility by enrollment.