Personalized Learning Plans

  • In 2013, Act 77 was passed by the Vermont State Legislature as a means to ensure that Vermont schools continued their reform efforts to meet the needs of all children to complete their secondary education. Often the term Flexible Pathways is used to describe the overall intent of this legislation.  Flexible Pathways are described as the options open to all Vermont students to personally construct their high school experience. These pathways can take the form of, but are not limited to: personalized learning plans (PLPs), integrated academies, work-based learning, career and technical education, virtual/blended learning, dual enrollment, and early college. Planning for accessing these options should be done within a student's PLP.

    In the Essex Westford School District, Personalized Learning Plans (PLPs) serve to give students ownership over their learning and create a personalized pathway to their future.   In the Essex Westford School District, we believe that each of our learners is unique and brings multiple interests, talents, and skills to the table. Act 77, through the use of PLPs, sets forth the mechanism to allow these interests to become part of each student’s learning pathway. This formal plan and process involves self-assessment by the student to set and achieve a student-designed plan based on personal, academic, and/or career interests.  Opportunities for reflection will exist throughout.

    Each student will develop their PLP in collaboration with teachers, advisors, counselors, and/or parents/guardians.  Students will set and reflect upon short and long term plans for academic, personal, and career goals within a digital portfolio, Bulb. This platform will allow students to create a collection in middle school and continue adding to it when in high school.  This allows our district the ability to have these plans to move seamlessly from the middle level to high school.

    Imagine a time when a learner can look back through his or her own compilation of work collected through their school years to show the many pieces of evidence of their learning while working on the action steps from their plan(s). PLPs help create a working portfolio of learning evidence, a practice that can continue throughout life. Photographs, letters, course assignments, artwork, applications, internship notes, and more help to illustrate each student’s personal learning story.

    Please contact your child's principal for more specific information about personalized learning plans. The principal will be able to share how these are being implemented at your child’s school.