Hazing, Harassment, Bullying, and Retaliation

  • The EWSD School District is committed to providing all of its students with a safe and supportive learning area in which all members of the school community are treated with respect. It is the policy of EWSD to prohibit the illegal harassment of students based on race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, whether someone is single, married, divorced, etc., sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and all other legally protected status under federal or state law.


    Retaliation for making a report of HHB or participating in an investigation into accusations of HHB is prohibited. The District will take appropriate action related to  any student, volunteer, contractor, or employee of the school District who tries to get revenge or retaliation  against any person who makes a good faith report of HHB. retaliation against a student can take many forms and includes, but is not limited to: any form of threatening, payback, or continued hazing, harassment, and or bullying. A student that feels as if they are experiencing retaliation for making a report of HHB or being involved in the investigation of a possible HHB event should immediately report the situation to a school leader.


    Each school campus has at least two school leaders who are charged with receiving and asking questions about reports of hazing, harassment, and bullying. Any person who believes they have been the victim of hazing, harassment, and/or bullying or the victim of revenge by making a complaint of such behavior, or any person with knowledge or objects that prove something of conduct which may be equal to hazing will report the possible acts immediately to a school leader, a school administrator, coach, or the superintendent’s office.


    Teachers, administrators, volunteers, contractors, coaches, or other workers in the school district will be especially alert to possible situations, conditions, or events which might include hazing, harassment, bullying and/or revenge. Any such person who receives knowledge or evidence of conduct which may be equal to these behaviors will inform the building principal or assistant principal or school leader.


    The following is a list of school leaders for HHB reporting for each school campus:

    • ADL: Jennifer Wood, Brian Clark, and Nicole Williams
    • CTE: Robert Travers, Carolyn Dickinson, and Rich Wright
    • EES: Ashley Gray and Sarah Buhl
    • EHS: Jefferson Goodrich, Gayle Botelho, Erin Cavoneil, and Lynn Kozloski
    • EMS: Kevin Briggs and Ben Johnson
    • FLE: Matt Roy and Coori Sellers
    • FMS: Sara Jablonski and Joe Arigo
    • HIA: Katherine Grykien and Jeffrey Lester
    • SUM: Colleen Birner and Ashley Cate
    • WES: Marcie Lewis and Stephanie Jones


    EWSD holds the civil rights of people with a lot of respect and importance as we think about access to our school surroundings. We are dedicated to creating safe, affirming, non-discriminatory, and antibias conditions for all students. Privacy is also an important issue for any student who feels a need for privacy without any concern about gender identity or sex assignment. In order to be supportive and to create safe spaces for all our students, all bathrooms and locker rooms across EWSD will be for all students and people in our schools based on their identified gender.


    EWSD will address all complaints of hazing, harassment, and bullying, and will take appropriate action against any person - subject to the area of legal control of the Board - who violates this policy. Nothing within this will be interpreted to prohibit punishment of a student for behavior which, although it does not rise to the level of harassment, bullying, or hazing as defined, otherwise violates one or more of the Board's disciplinary policies or the school's behavior rules.