Educational Support Services (EST/504/IDEA)

  • Educational supports appropriate to the developmental level of students in a school are available to meet the needs of a variety of learning styles.

    It is EWSD policy to comply with state and federal laws concerning Act 117, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Special Education.

    Act 117 requires all schools to maintain a comprehensive system of educational supports and services resulting, to the maximum extent possible, in all students succeeding in the regular classroom.

    As such, our schools will ensure a range of effective educational supports and services will be available to all students.

    This includes special education services to those children who meet the eligibility criteria established by the rules and regulations of Vermont. A parent/guardian with concerns about their child’s academic development should consult with the student’s teacher to initiate access to educational supports and services.

    For more information on related policies, please refer to at "Supporting Students" or contact your building principal or one of the Co-Directors of Student Support Services, at (802) 878-8168.

    Educational Support Teams (EST)

    EST is in place to review concerns and needs of students in order to support their success.

    There are different levels of educational support and service available for students. Should a parent/guardian have a concern regarding student academic performance or behavior, they should contact the student’s classroom teacher.

    Parent/guardian concerns may be referred to the EST. Teachers may refer students to the EST as well. EST meetings allow teachers to work collaboratively to meet the needs of students and to establish follow-up procedures.