Moving to Our District

  • If you are hunting for a home and are not sure what schools your child would attend, visit the Town of Essex Street Map (external link, opens in a new page,) which delineates the boundaries using capital and sentence-case lettering. 

    Capital-letter roads are in the town outside the village, and sentence-case lettering is for village-only addresses.

Changing Schools

  • Moving Homes

    If your family is relocating to another home inside EWSD, follow these steps:

    • Check out our District Boundaries to see which town you are going to be living in: Essex Town, Westford, or Essex Village.
    • Then, reach out directly the school your child will be attending and your current school. The registrar or administrative assistant can help with record-sharing. 
    • You do not need to fill out a K-8 Transfer Application if you are going to have your children attend the district-assigned school.*
    • *Please note, K-3 students in Essex Junction may be assigned to either Summit or Hiawatha based on space.*

    Exceptions for School Transfers

    If you have a circumstance in which you would prefer your child to attend a school other than the one assigned to your address, please visit our Voluntary K-8 Reassignment Guidelines within our policies, and use the K-8 Transfer Application form. 

    Our policy states that families may apply for in-district school transfer. 

    They must:

    • Fill out the K-8 Elementary School Transfer Application form and mail the form to the superintendent at 58 Founders Road, Essex Junction, VT 05452 by April 15th. Families will be informed of school choice placement by May 1st.
    • School voluntary reassignment will be limited to the amount of available space in each building.

    If you are interested in having your student attend a school other than the one located in your community, you will need to complete and submit the school transfer form. Once we receive all applications by April 15th, we will assign students accordingly.

    If there is more interest in one particular school than space is available, we will hold a lottery. Siblings of currently enrolled students will be given priority, after which a lottery system, as developed by the superintendent, shall be employed.