• Essex Westford School District
    Procedure: Fiscal Management / Attachment E: Properties Disposal

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    Date:  3/28/2019

    EWSD recognizes that in the ongoing operation of the school system, there may be school property that is no longer useful to the District. In the interests of efficiency and operation, such property should be properly disposed of. This procedure does not pertain to real estate.

    Process for Disposal

    Each school principal within the District will be responsible for identifying obsolete equipment and/or surplus tangible property with the exception of technology equipment. The Superintendent (or designee) will be responsible for such identification at the District level. The COO will be notified in writing of property so identified, and will work with the Director of Property Services to determine the appropriate course of action which may include one or more of the following options:

    1. Trade or sell the item to reduce the purchase price of a replacement item. The sale may be publicized in a newspaper or via email
    2. Notify other district schools of surplus items for transfer or purchase
    3. Salvage the item for residual value
    4. Offer item to neighboring schools
    5. Offer item to Vermont Buildings and General Services
    6. Offer item to the general public
    7. Discard item 

    If the item is on the fixed assets inventory, the COO must ensure the inventory is updated to reflect disposal of the item.

    The Executive Director of Technology will be responsible for the management and disposal of technology equipment throughout the District.  

    Legal References:  16 VSA § 563