Drop Off and Pick Up at Summit School

  • Mornings: Drop Behind the School on School Street

    • Morning drop off at Summit Street School is in the back of the school. 
    • Children enter the school from the playground each morning at 7:45 a.m.
    • We have two parking lots for drop off, the Holy Family parking lot and the EWSD parking lot on School Street.
    • Holy Family parking lot is available for drop-off and pick-up. See our Driving to School page for more details. There is also a small Summit parking lot on School Street.
    • The faculty/staff parking lot on Summit Street is not available for parents to use. 
    • Adult supervision is available on the playground at 7:30 a.m. Please do not drop your child off before that time. In inclimate weather, children will be brought inside earlier.

    Afternoons: Dismissal at the Back of the School

    • At 2:45 p.m., children in grades preK - 3 are delivered to the playground by their teachers for dismissal
    • It is expected that all children will be picked up at this time. 
    • Children who are walking or biking home without parents are asked to leave and walk/bike home right away to ensure they cross with a stationed crossing guard at available crosswalks.  
    • Please discuss the plan for the end of the day with your child and the teacher. Fill out our Afterschool Form if you need to permanently change your afterschool arrangements.
    • There is no adult supervision in the front of the school.   We ask that no child wait at the front of the school. 

    Thank you for your attention to this safety matter.  Feel free to call us at (802) 878-1377 with any questions.

Traffic flow pattern at Summit Street School for morning drop-off
  • The illustration above shows a map of the streets behind Summit Street School, and the parking lot of Holy Family Church, where families are allowed to pick up children, if coming off of Route 2A in Essex Junction. 

    Drivers are advised to enter from Lincoln Terrace, off of Route 2A, and take a right on School Street to enter the church parking lot. Driving in a counter-clockwise direction, pick up children at the gate near the school, without parking. Then proceed back towards School Street to exit, or complete the circle to exit.