Driving and Holy Family Parking Lot

    • All cars entering the parking lot are to go in a COUNTERCLOCKWISE direction......another words, when you enter from School Street, go RIGHT into the parking lot. 
    • There will be no parking in the lane alongside the fence.
    • Cars may ENTER via Lincoln Terrace and School Street. 
    • School Street is one-way only, so cars cannot enter via Pearl Street. You may EXIT via Pearl Street (aka Route 15.)
    • Cars may not enter Holy Family Parking Lot from Lincoln Street (aka Route 2A) - they can only exit using this driveway. 

    Parking at Holy Family 

    • If you want to join your children on the playground at drop-off or pickup time, park in a designated parking slot at Holy Family or in Summit's lower parking lot.  
    • Longer stays at school will require you to park somewhere other than Holy Family Parking Lot, as they need their lot available for events at church. 

    Thank you!

Summit Street School pickup and dropoff traffic pattern