Mandatory Trainings

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    The EWSD is committed to ensuring that all staff are prepared for the challenges of working in a school district. As part of our onboarding process -- and annually thereafter -- we require employees to complete a series of online courses to help familiarize them with the district’s policies and practices, reduce workplace injuries, and interrupt the negative effects of bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

    To this end, we contracted with Vector Solutions: Vector Training, K-12 Edition (formerly SafeSchools), an award-winning, third-party provider of nationally recognized safety and compliance training programs. The program is administered through the district’s human resources department, in collaboration with supervisors. Course selections are reviewed annually and updated as appropriate. 

    EWSD staff will receive an email through the Vector Solutions system inviting them to complete the sessions (first upon hire and thereafter prior to each school year), as well as reminder(s) prior to the deadline. 

    For more details about the EWSD's mandatory training, please review our Operating Practice document.


    For those who have questions or are experiencing issues with Vector Solutions, please contact Alex Vooris, HR Associate, at (802) 857-7019 or for assistance.

    Training Schedule:

    • All regular, ongoing EWSD employees must complete the annual trainings by September 30 of each school year. 
    • Employees hired after the beginning of the school year must complete the trainings within 30 days of their first day of work.

    Training Support:

    EWSD User Guide: My Assignments and Course Overview (7:08 min video) - note that the webpage look has been updated; the log-in link can now be found at the top of the page

    Vector Solutions Training Area Overview (2:24 min video)


    • Log in using your User Name. (This will be provided in a system email from Vector Solutions or can be requested by contacting Alex Vooris at
    • The default password is the first 5 characters of your User Name. 
    • If you have trouble logging in with the default password, click "Forgot Password" to receive an email to reset your password.
    • Once you log into the site, click on the course title to begin the training. You may pause as needed, but will be logged out if paused for too long.
    • Do not attempt to fast-forward a video. You must watch the entire course through, after which the system will mark the section as complete and return you to the main page.
    • If you suspend a video within a course without completing the final quiz, you may be required to rewatch that video in order to access the quiz again.
    • Each course has audio, so be sure to turn up your speakers if you'd like to listen. You must complete each section of the course in order to receive full credit.
    • The training videos run best using Google Chrome.