• Individual Counseling: The school counseling office and school counselors are available to all students. Nicole and Jess meet with all 6th graders at the beginning of the school year. We check in about transition into ADL, friendships, school work and get to know what makes them unique. We also talk to them about how to access the school counselors should they need anything. If the need arises, we may meet with students individually on an ongoing basis about a variety of topics including but not limited to: academic challenges, friendship challenges, stress, concerns from home and overall mental health. If we are meeting with your student on an ongoing basis, we will reach out to parents with any concerns and to collaborate as to how to provide the best support. 

    Should you feel like your student needs to meet with a school counselor, please email or call (nwilliams@ewsd.org, jlibrizzi@ewsd.org OR 857-7838, 857-7841). Please call with any questions, big or small! 

    We do our best to meet with students during non-instructional time. 

    Small Groups: Sometimes we find that there are a number of students that would benefit from the same intervention and would be well-served to meet in a group. Nicole and Jess have run groups related to anxiety, stress, family changes, organization, building connections and more. If we are considering including your student in a small group, you will receive notification. 

    Classroom Instruction: Jess and Nicole teach classes to every grade. Topics include learning about healthy relationships (Vermont Act 1 - Prevent Child Abuse); empathy, values, gender and sexuality and suicide prevention. If you would like any more information about these topics and what children are learning, please don't hesitate to reach out. 


    A note about confidentiality: As counselors, the information shared in our offices will remain confidential in order to build trust within the counseling relationship. However, we understand that parents (and other stakeholders) need to know whether a student is struggling. We will keep stakeholders informed but we might not always share the details of a conversation. We will ALWAYS inform parents if we believe a student's safety is at risk.