• Your school pills and pill bottle nurse is here to see that medications are administered safely during the school day. 

    • Prescription medications that must be given at school require the Prescription Medication Form with physician and parent signatures. 
    • Permission for non-prescription medications can be found on the yearly Health Information Form. 
    • In general, medications are stored and administered in the Health Office. 


    Bringing Medications to School


    • All prescription medications must be in the correct, pharmacy labeled packaging and all non-prescription medication must be in the original packaging. 
    • An adult must bring medication to the School Nurse, unless the student has a self-carry order from their physician. 
    • Medications cannot be sent to school in student backpacks for safety reasons.

    Life Threatening Conditions

    Conditions such as diabetes, anaphylaxis, asthma, and seizures that have rescue medications are handled individually and may vary from grade to grade.  Contact your school nurse for the forms and protocols.

    Special Circumstances

    The high school, and in some instances the 7th and 8th grades, may handle medications differently for students as they are involved in sports, internships, overnight trips, work experiences, etc.  Contact your school nurse for the current protocols and forms for these grades, as many students will use the self carry and self administration options in the school setting.

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