Taking Care of Your Chromebooks

  • Every generation of chromebooks is more powerful and durable than the last, however, it is still important to treat your computer properly in order to avoid damage and long-term wear that will cause problems later. Please keep all barcodes on the device intact and damage-free.

    Remember that you will be using the same chromebook at EHS for four years, so YOU will be living with the impacts of careless treatment!

    Use, Carrying and Transport 

    • Open the chromebook from the center, not one corner. It prevents damage and screen separation over time.
    • Tap keys gently - they’re sensitive and need to be appreciated. 
    • Use only backpacks with soft padded areas that are designed for laptops, or a carrying case. Don’t wedge in a back with heavy books: most damage occurs when they are unused in a backpack!
    • Unlike a laptop it’s tough to use chromebooks on your lap - if working on a floor and you need to step away, “tent” the computer by the front edges like this: 
    • Hold chromebook near the hinged end (not the opening end) if you need to carry it while open. Front-corner carrying will bend the computer over time, and loosen up the internal parts! 


    • Keep liquids away from chromebooks. If a spill occurs - shut down immediately and tent the chromebook upside-down (see above) to keep liquid from settling onto the motherboard.
    • LCD screens are fragile - Don’t touch or press on the screens, and avoid “squeezing” the chromebook by piling anything on top of it or stepping on it (ie. leaving it on the floor closed!)  
    • Never fold anything (even paper) into the chromebook, as that will cause damage to the hinges and screen. 
    • Screens should only be cleaned with a cloth designed for screen cleaning. NEVER use rubbing alcohol or cleaners to clean LCD screens!  Come to EHS Helpdesk for a cleaning!

    Charging and Upkeep

    • Students MUST charge their chromebooks outside of class. Stretching power cords causes tripping, smashing, and damage to the charging cables and device’s ports. There will not be extra power outlets in classrooms to accommodate students who are remiss in this duty.
    • Avoid wiggling either USB or power cables back and forth unplugging. Unplug gently to avoid damage to the ports.

    ALWAYS report damage, accidents or chromebook problems   

    to the EWSD Help Desk at (802) 857-7777 or helpdesk@ewsd.org.


Chromebook Rules


  • EWSD Helpdesk (operates 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. weekdays)
    (802) 857-777