• TEACHER: Katherine Cooper

    Grade: 7-8

    Math Course Description:

    For both seventh and eighth grade math, we will be using OpenUp Resources, a curriculum that is well aligned with Common Core Standards. In addition to eighth grade math, some eighth graders will be taking Algebra.  Danielle Petralia teaches Algebra during Core Support block. 


    7th Grade Course Description

    Areas of focus in 7th grade include: working with scale drawings, and solving problems involving surface area and volume; understanding proportional relationships; understanding properties of circles; fluently operating with rational numbers, including positive and negative fractions, decimals, and integers; and working with expressions and linear equations.  Final units bring arithmetic and algebraic skills together to solve problems involving angles, triangles, and prisms, and explore probability and sampling.

    8th Grade Course Description

    The critical areas of focus in 8th grade include:  transformational geometry including rigid transformations and congruence, dilations, and similarity; expressing linear relationships using equations, tables, and graphs; solving systems of linear equations; using functions to describe quantitative relationships; solving problems using the properties of exponents; using scientific notation to represent very large and very small quantities.  The year ends with an introduction to irrational numbers through work with the Pythagorean Theorem.

    In both grades, students will show their understanding through projects, written classwork, participation in class discussions and activities, performance tasks, and assessments.  

    How to get extra help

    I am available during Learning Block, and after school most days of the week.  Please feel free to email me at kcooper@ewsd.org with any questions, or to set up a time to meet.