Websites and Apps Used at EWSD

  • List of Sites and Apps, with Privacy Policies and Terms of Service

    This is a list of websites and apps used by students in Essex Westford School District.

    We are beginning the work to collect signed agreements from vendors we contract with to ensure data privacy and protection of personal information. 

    We will add to that list of vendors in the coming months. Additionally, our Educational Technologists and Technology Department are working with faculty in all of our buildings to ensure that our schools know about our efforts. We are also working with the Vermont Student Data Privacy Consortium.

    The Student Data Privacy Consortium - which began in Vermont in 2018, grew out of an initiative started by the Cambridge, Mass. public school system. It has since spread to 20 states including ours. Vermont has developed and shared a consistent privacy agreement with online sites and vendors. Now, instead of Vermont and EWSD school district following their terms of service, they agree to ours.


    Privacy Policy: This explains what the app manufacturing companies will do with the data they collect from the end user.

    Terms of Service: What the company can do with their product in terms of information collection, sharing, and marketing. (Also called: Terms of Use, Terms of Contract.)


  • Google

    The mission of Google is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Ensuring teachers and students everywhere have access to technology to learn and work together fits naturally with that mission. That is why we provide educators with powerful solutions that are affordable, safe and easy to use.

    Google Privacy Policy

    Google Terms of Service


    DreamBox is PreK-8 math solution driven by a technology that's as unique as the students and educators who need it, love it, and use it to go to the next level.

    DreamBox Privacy Policy

    DreamBox Terms of Use

    TumbleBooks Library

    TumbleBooks Library is a curated database of children's e-books, available by subscription to Elementary Schools and Public Libraries.

    TumbleBooks Privacy Policy

    TumbleBooks Terms of Use

    Hapara Instructional Management Suite

    This suite of applications includes Workspace, Highlights, and Dashboard, enables teachers to organize their students and their assignments, track their activity and progress and dynamically personalize instruction across different metrics.

    Hapara Privacy Policy

    Terms and Conditions of Subscription Agreement