C8-Procedures: Security Camera Surveillance Monitoring

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    The District recognizes that maintaining the safety and security of students, staff and District property is best implemented with a multifaceted approach. To the extent possible, the District will maintain safety and security throughout our facilities using modern technology tools such as video cameras. Video surveillance shall be in accordance with applicable laws and regulations pertaining to such use. The District also shall comply with applicable legal requirements related to maintaining video recordings. 


    Video cameras will never be placed in areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. Video cameras will not be used to evaluate a teacher’s instructional performance or an employee’s job performance. Video cameras will not be used for observation of student educational programming.   

    Placement and Notification  

    1. Video surveillance will be utilized in and around school buildings, parking lots, and other areas on District property, and on school transportation vehicles where there is a legitimate need for security monitoring. Cameras may be equipped with audio recording capabilities as well. It is the intent of the District to monitor activity on buses using video monitoring and audio recording capability.
    2. Video surveillance equipment will not be used or installed in areas where the public, students and/or staff have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as locker rooms and restrooms. 
    3. Video surveillance equipment will be in operation at any and all times, regardless of whether school is in session or if facilities or buildings are in use.
    4. Efforts will be ensure surveillance monitoring screens are not located in areas where activity may be visible to the public. 
    5. Conduct and comments in publicly accessible places on District property (e.g. school hallways, cafeterias, libraries, entry/exit points, buses or vans, athletic facilities, etc.) may be recorded by video devices. 
    6. The District will notify students, staff, and the public that security surveillance systems are present. Such notification will be included in staff and student handbooks, and signs will be prominently displayed throughout the District. Specific notification will not be provided when a recording device is installed or is in use in a school vehicle or building. 


    Use of Security Surveillance

    1. The use of video surveillance equipment on school grounds shall be supervised and controlled by the Director of Safety & Security. The use of video surveillance equipment on school vehicles shall be supervised and controlled by the Transportation Manager. The use of video surveillance equipment at sites other than schools or school vehicles will be supervised and controlled by the Director of Safety & Security. 
    2. Staff and students are prohibited from unauthorized use, tampering with, or otherwise interfering with video recordings or surveillance equipment. Violations will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Disciplinary action shall be consistent with District policy and regulations and may include, but not be limited to, written reprimand, suspension, demotion or dismissal for staff and suspension and/or expulsion for students, depending upon the nature and severity of the situation. 
    3. The Director of Safety & Security will review the use and operations of the video surveillance system with each school on a periodic basis. 
    4. Video recordings may be used as evidence that a student, staff member, or other person has engaged in behavior that violates the law, District policy, or school rules. Video recordings may be shared with law enforcement in the course of an investigation as required by law or at the discretion of the Director of Safety & Security. 



    1. The District shall provide reasonable safeguards including, but not limited to password protection, well-managed firewall protection, and controlled physical access to protect the video surveillance system from hackers, unauthorized users, and unauthorized use. 
    2. Video recordings will be stored for a minimum of 2 weeks after the initial recording. If the Director of Safety & Security knows no reason for continued storage, such recordings will be erased. 
    3. Video recordings held for review will be maintained in their original form pending resolution of the incident. Recording media will then be released for erasure, copied for authorized law enforcement agencies or retained in accordance with applicable laws and District policy. 
    4. To ensure compliance with legal requirements for confidentiality, all video storage devices that are not in use will be stored securely in the Safety & Security Director’s Office or a secure location directed by such. All storage devices that have been used will be numbered and dated. Access to the storage devices will be limited to authorized security personnel. Bus camera retention will follow protocols set by the Transportation Manager.
    5. All video recordings held by the District as student education records and/or personnel records shall be maintained in accordance with applicable laws and District policy. 


    Viewing Requests 

    Requests for review of video recordings that are considered a student education record or personnel record will be as follows: 

    1. All viewing requests must be submitted in writing. Requests for viewing will be limited to those parents/guardians, students, staff and/or District officials with a direct need to access the recording as authorized by the Director of Safety & Security. If granted, only the portion of the recording concerning the specific incident at issue may be made available for viewing. 
    2. Transportation video recording is will not viewable by any individual other than an administrator, employee, or contractor’s employee due to confidentiality guidelines. Video may be shared with law enforcement at the discretion of the administration in cases of criminal activity on the bus or instances of motorists running bus red-light systems. 
    3. Requests for viewing may be made to the Director of Safety & Security within 6 school days of the date of recording. 
    4. Approval or denial for viewing will be generally made within 6 school days of receipt of the request and will be communicated to the requesting individual. 
    5. Recordings will be made available for viewing within 10 school days of the approval of the request. 
    6. Actual viewing by third-parties such as parents and students may be permitted only at District Security Office unless otherwise required by law. 
    7. All viewing will include the designated District administrator or designee and may only be used for the purpose of investigating incidents related to student, staff, or community safety with the approval of the Superintendent or the Director of Safety & Security.  
    8. To the extent required by law, a written log will be maintained of those viewing specific video recordings including the date and location of viewing, reasons for viewing, date of recording, and the viewer’s signature. 
    9. Recordings will remain the property of the District and may be reproduced only in accordance with applicable law and District policy. 
    10. Law enforcement may request access to video recordings to investigate incidents related to student, staff, or community safety with the approval of the Superintendent. The District reserves the right to request a subpoena to release video recordings to law enforcement.

    Legal Guidance: US DOE FAQ on Photo/Video under FERPA

    Date: 9/15/19 

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