Global Leadership Program Academics

  • Requirements 

    I.  LANGUAGE | Three years of study of one world language, which may include study through dual enrollment at a college or unversity, or online enrollment. Alternatively, a student may elect to study two years each of French or Spanish for a minimum of four credits of World Language. (Note: Students whose second language is English may seek a waiver of this requirement.) 

    II.  GLOBALLY-THEMED COURSEWORK |Three semester courses OR one full year course plus a semester course from the following globally-themed courses list. (Note: GLP requirements may also satisfy graduation requirements.)


    • World Literature 100 (.5)
    • World Literature 200 (.5)
    • Public Speaking (.5)

    Fine Arts:

    • World Drumming (.5)

    International Business: 

    • International Business (.5)


    • EHS Internship - CRN B340 (.5) Note: Students in grade 11 or 12 complete an approximately 40-hour internship in conjunction with the course, facilitated by the EHS Internship Coordinator, with a GLP employer or organization.


    • Designing Solutions to Global Challenges (1.0 Physical Science)

    Social Studies:

    • AP Comparative Government and Politics (1.0)
    • AP Economics (1.0)
    • AP World History (1.0)
    • Current Issues (.5)
    • Facing History and Ourselves (.5)
    • Introduction to Gender Studies (.5)
    • Introduction to World Geography (.5)
    • World Cultures (.5)

    III. SENIOR PRACTICUM |GLP students participate in a highly interactive culminating practicum focused on refining cross-cultural communication skills, understanding cross-cultural competency, and building leadership skills.  

    IV. GLP EVENTS |Participation in 10 GLP events, including:

    • GLP Speaker Series
    • Guest lectures 
    • Workshops
    • Performances
    • Conferences
    • Film Series
    • Forums
    • Symposiums
    • International Exchange Program participation (Tour Guide, Student Ambassador, Student Host, Scholarship student host, Student Traveler)
    • Off-campus events: Rowland Foundation Conference, Rotary meetings and/or presentations, University of Vermont lecture series and events, World Affairs Council lectures and events, etc.

    Record of events attended should be submitted here: GLP Event Record