Hiawatha 'Inform & Inspire Speaker Series'

  • Through early 2020 the PTO and Hiawatha School will be hosting and supporting parent educational conversations with area experts, on a range of topics that promote inclusivity and mutual learning about our diverse population.

    The goal is to help us learn how to be better parents, understand our neighbors, and support our greater community.

    • All events start at 6 p.m. at Hiawatha School (unless noted) and are open to the public
    • $1 per slice pizza (sugg. donation) and other affordable snacks
    • Free pizza for teachers!

    Healthy, Affordable Food for Kids, and Local Food Insecurity and Resources in VT   - Thurs. Jan 9
    Times: 5:45 p.m. - 6:15 for Food for Kids; 6:15-7:30 Food Insecurity Dietician Joanne Heidikamp

    Hannaford Dietitian Joanne Heidkamp, MS, RD  will present ideas on putting together snacks for kids that provide the energy and nutrients they need without breaking the budget. She'll also discuss how involving kids in planning and preparing snacks can help them develop self-confidence and kitchen skills.

    Tim Morgan and Olivia Pena Hunger Free VT's Tim Morgan, the Child Nutrition Initiatives Specialist, and Olivia Peña, the Food Security Specialist, will present on need and food insecurity in our community, misconceptions we may have of what it looks like, and how communities can support access to healthy foods for those of all income levels. 

    Raising Inclusive Kids: Talking to Kids About Race - Weds. Jan 29,   6 p.m.

    Marissa Coleman, PHD Marissa Coleman, is a clinical psychologist and fellow Hiawatha parent. Her clinical and consulting practice prioritizes equity, diversity, and inclusion. This specific discussion will focus on a brief overview of the socialization of race, strategies for discussing race with school-aged children, and common barriers to having critical conversations about race.  The discussion will be interactive with an emphasis on co-creating an inclusive space in order to explore how we are all socialized by race.  More information about Dr. Coleman’s practice can be found on her website at www.DrMarissaColeman.com.
    Download Dr.Coleman's handout of resources
    Download Dr. Coleman's handout and packet of Educator Resources
    Multicultural Children's Books 
     (an Amazon list by Dr. Coleman)
    Video: Is my skin brown because I drank chocolate milk? TedX
    Video: The myth of race debunked in 3 minutes - Vox

    Raising Inclusive Kids: A Parent’s Toolkit for LGBTQIA+ Issues -  Weds. March 25, 6 p.m.    Amber Leventry

    Amber Leventry is an LGBTQIA+ activist and writer. They will give parents and community members the tools and confidence to talk to kids about what it means to be gay, transgender, and gender nonconforming. Attendees will learn tips on ways to answer kids’ questions, start conversations about sexuality and gender, and foster a love of diversity.They will also discuss the significance of accepting and affirming our kids’ LGBTQ identity and the risks of not doing so.

    Trauma-informed Parents: What are Adverse Childhood Experiences and how can we develop kids' resilience? -  Weds. April 16, 6 p.m.

    Betsy Ferry LICSW, Howard Center School Services Supervisor, supervises mental health clinicians based in schools. She will talk about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and exposure to traumatic events, how these experiences affect children, families, classrooms and communities, and ways parents can promote resiliency and build protective factors to help kids bounce back.

    May Workshop - When Your Kid is Bullied, How to Reform a Bully, and Raising Upstanders (tentative)

    Depending on the expressed interest and series turnout, we may be able to host a 5th and final interactive workshop (teams, role-play, practice conversations) for caregivers and/or possibly kids, led by our resident parent-experts and school professionals. Stay tuned!

    Have a topic you'd like to see us lead speakers on? Contact us at hiawathapto@ewsd.org