School Board Goals 2020-2021

  • Essex Westford Educational Community Unified Union School District

    • Goal 1: The Board will move forward with consideration of implementation of Policy Governance:
      • Continue board learning with support of Val Gardner
        1. How the model works
        2. How to use the model
        3. How to monitor our policies
        4. Concentrated work with community to develop ends policies
    • Goal 2: The Board will continue to work to engage the community.
      • Enhance community participation throughout the budget process to better understand student needs, priorities and values
      • Continue work on voter participation
      • Continue to engage the community around issues of equity
    • Goal 3: The Board, in partnership with administration, will continue to guide and support our appointed student representatives in defining the role of the student board members and elevating and empowering student voice.
      • Explore ways to utilize student voice as a way to check the impact of our policies on the experience of our students and the investment of our community/administration/staff
      • Continue working on the relationship between the student board reps and the principal/students (paused by COVID)
    • Goal 4: The Board will work with the administration to incorporate monitoring of progress toward our Vision with a focus on the District’s Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) measurable outcomes.
      • Indicators, to include academic and social-emotional data points ○ Climate study
      • Equity indicators
    • Goal 5: The Board will continue its focus on equity.
      • Continued board learning
      • Adopt an equity policy
        1. Monitor progress on adherence to the equity policy