Meet the Team

  • About the EWSD Technology Department

    Director: Peter Drescher
    Administrative Assistant: Lisa McClellan

    The expertise of the dedicated EWSD Technology Department is an exceptional resource among public school districts in Vermont.

    With cutting-edge hardware installed in every student’s hands, they can download the newest trends in technology and software that is widely used in around the globe. We put an emphasis on digital citizenship among students, and help them to learn best practices and responsible use of technology.

    Our team has centuries of combined years of experience, and we ensure that every user need, from simple presentations, to complex software training and infrastructure upgrades, is attended to smoothly. Our two full-time Helpdesk staffers offer unparalleled customer service and assistance to students and staff alike, while our technicians and network administrators work diligently to provide 99% uptime on district networks and devices. 

    The EWSD Technology Department provides hands-on tech support for:

    • 936 employees
    • 4,054 K-12 students
    • 10,384 total network devices
    • 386 WiFi access points
    • 2.1 million Google Docs

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