B7: Tobacco Prohibition

  • Policy Code: B7

    First Reading: November 1, 2016
    Second Reading: November 15, 2016
    Adopted: November 15, 2016
    Revised and Reviewed: September 6, 2022


    It is the policy of the Essex Westford Educational Community Unified Union School District (EWECUUSD), in accordance with state law, to prohibit the use of tobacco or tobacco substitutes on district or school grounds or at school-sponsored functions.

    This ban extends to any student, employee or visitor to the school, and applies at all times, whether or not school is in session.

    Students are, furthermore, prohibited from possessing tobacco products, tobacco substitutes or tobacco paraphernalia at all times while under the supervision of school staff or at school-sponsored activities.

    The Superintendent or designee shall develop procedures, rules, and regulations that are necessary to implement this policy and, at a minimum, will include provisions ensuring that tobacco products, tobacco substitutes, or tobacco paraphernalia are confiscated when found in the possession of students.


    For purposes of this policy and administrative rules and procedures developed pursuant to this policy:

    • School grounds means any property and facilities owned or leased by the school and used at any time for school related activities, including but not limited to school buildings, school buses, areas adjacent to school buildings, athletic fields and parking lots.

    • School sponsored activity means activities including but not limited to field trips, project graduation events, sporting events, work internships and dances.

    • Tobacco product has the same meaning as set forth in 7 V.S.A. 1001(3), as amended from time to time.

    • Tobacco paraphernalia has the same meaning as set forth in 7 V.S.A. 1001(7), as amended from time to time.

    • Tobacco substitutes has the same meaning as set forth in 7 V.S.A. 1001(8), as amended from time to time.

    Legal Reference(s):

    • 16 V.S.A. §140 (Tobacco on school grounds)
    • 18 V.S.A. §§1421 et seq. (Smoking in the workplace)
    • 7 V.S.A. 1001 et seq.