K-8 Meal Procedures

  • Our K-8 menu is now posted on MealViewer

    Starting on September 8th, all breakfast and lunch meals will be free to all children 18 years and younger for the 2020-2021 school year or until USDA funding runs out.


    K-8 Breakfast Delivery 

    • No pre ordering is necessary
    • Breakfast will be delivered to every classroom in all EWSD K-8 Schools before students arrive. 
    • Breakfast meals will be available for every student but it is not required that every student take a meal.
    • EWSD meals are free to all students. 


    K-8 Lunch Service 

    • No pre ordering is necessary
    • Service will occur in each school's cafeteria and meals will be consumed in the student's classrooms.
    • All students will be dismissed to come to the cafeteria to receive their meals and will consume meals in their classrooms
    • All K-8 lunches will be full service and not self-serve.
    • EWSD meals are free to all students.