SkillTech: Expanded Functions Dental Assisting

  • Student with patient


    The program provides didactic instruction, laboratory and clinical exercises for advanced operative procedures. The following seven weeks of instruction at the Center for Technology, Essex will consist of 98 hours of didactic instruction and 87 hours of laboratory practical experience before performing required clinical competencies under the direct supervision of the sponsoring dentist. The EFDA student's externship will be with the sponsoring dentist or associates in practice if a primary dentist is unavailable. A final bench test will be administered using the Commission on Dental Competency Assessments criteria, formerly known as NERB.  

    Eligibility for admission:

    • Proof of or declination of immunization for Hepatitis B.
    • Four-handed dentistry experience and competency in the fabrication of provisional crowns is required.
    • Proof of two years as a full-time Restorative Chairside Dental Assistant and one year as a full-time certified dental assistant as of March 1, 2023  or
       Proof of two consecutive years as a full-time Registered Dental Hygientist plus one year documented chairside dental assisting experience.
    • The candidate's sponsoring dentist will be responsible for the clinical externship.
    • Proof of health insurance.

    You will be required to attend:

    • Didactic Sessions (98) 
    • Practical Lab Sessions (87 hours)
    • Clinical Competencies Externship
    • Bench Test 


    • On-site Class/Lab
            June 19 - August 4, 2023 (on-site)
          8:30am - 3:30am
          Monday - Friday
    • Externship with Sponsoring Dentist
           August - January        

    Deadline: January 1, 2023
    Cost:   $9,500

    Location:   CTE Dental Assisting Classroom, 2 Educational Dr., Essex Junction, VT

    Registration Process:  Register online and a detailed hard-copy application/information registration packet will be mailed to you to fill out and submit. 


SkillTech Nondiscrimination Statement

  • SkillTech  is committed to providing a comfortable and encouraging learning environment for all students. We support and value tolerance and responsibility and expect students to treat each other and the staff with respect. Disrespectful behavior is unwelcome, and interactions that are offensive will not be tolerated. 

    The Center for Technology, Essex does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national
    origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, or age in its programs or
    activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies:

    Bob Travers, Director
    2 Educational Drive Suite 200
    Essex Junction, VT 05452