• Come work for STA/Mountain Transit! 

    This is a great job for parents of school-aged kids, folks looking for a partial-retirement job, individuals looking to grow a career in the commercial driving industry, or anyone who wants to give back to our community.

     Let Mountain Transit tell you why:

    • Paid Commercial Drivers License (CDL) training: Class B license with Passenger and School Bus endorsements. To get this license on your own can cost up to $7,000, here we will pay you. The only thing we do not pay for is your physical license.
    • Great Pay: After you get your CDL and endorsements, the minimum pay at Mountain Transit is $20.50 per hour. Yes, that is right, starting at $20.50 an hour!
    • Newer vehicles: All vehicles used here are 10 years old or newer, this keeps down mechanical repairs.
    • Earned time off: You will earn time off that will accumulate.
    • Safety: Safety is our main goal, including in these unusual times, CDC protocol is followed to a T.


    Our goal is to get the working force working again. In South Burlington there are 256 people collecting unemployment, Burlington there are 689, Essex 266, Colchester 288, Milton 166, and Winooski 155. We need you and you need us. Come and see what we are all about here at Mountain Transit.

    Click on this link, then click 'Vermont,' then click 'Milton.' Hiring for the Essex garage site starts at the Milton offices. Or you can also call 802-893-1334 if you are interested.