1.0 Global Ends Policy

  • First Reading: May 18, 2021

    Adopted: June 1, 2021

    1.0. Placeholder Policy
    (Whatever Ends the board has stated or implied in previous decisions or approvals will

    stay unchanged, pending formal adoption of Ends policies.)

    The work of the EWSD is driven by our vision: Growing hearts and minds for a better today
    and tomorrow; every day, every way, every one. The measurable outcomes are articulated in
    the EWSD Continuous Improvement Plan.

    1.0 The Essex Westford School District exists so that students of EWSD are empowered
    with the knowledge, skills, and attributes needed to prepare them for the next stage of their
    lives as successful and contributing members of a global society. These efforts will be
    guided by the principles of the Essex Westford School District and provided at a reasonable